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What our CFO’s do for you

What do you get when you get an on-demand CFO? Below we set out some of the typical areas we help clients. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you!



Do you know your cash, debtors and sales position without having to ask and wait for it? Do you get the information you need to make confident decisions quickly?

We have experience with a number of tools to improve your reporting and commercial decision making. This will include creating policies and procedures and implementing reporting systems and/or KPI management. By getting the right information at the right time you can focus on what is most important.



Do you have a budget? Has it been updated? Without defined goals you can’t measure success.

We can develop simple or complex models (and even link them to your accounting system for live reporting!) that will help you manage your working capital and make decisions around sales, pricing, inventory, financing and costs. Out of this we can create targets and KPIs to enable snapshot monitoring of the business and potential link to remuneration of key staff.


Do you know your business environment? Your business risks? Have you agreed your goals and set plans to achieve them?

Through a collaborative process we will turn your ideas and information into a documented strategy highlighting what is critical, the business risks and their avoidance/transfer/mitigation. These would then filter down into the the budgeting and planning process.


You can’t measure without a ruler! Or see the wood for the trees.

By creating sensible operational and financial KPIs staff/activities can be challenged and their performance monitored. This can drive various decision processes and serve as a score sheet for quick and easy management information to highlight areas for further investigation. We will help you create KPIs that motivate and not de-motivate the team.


Without cash the business will fail. Do you know what your cash forecast is for next month? Do you have tools to mitigate cashflow risk?

As well as using the budgets to forecast cashflow and update this on a timely basis to give short term and long term cash forecasts, we can also discuss and implement or alter financing arrangements to act as a bridge when there are timing issues.The sooner this is planned the better as when it is needed it is normally too late!


Do you have someone to use as a sounding board? Do the Founders or Board have a broad mix of experience?

Small and medium businesses have a lot of the same challenge as big business. With significant commercial experience across industries such as private equity, real estate, telco, SAAS, publishing, travel, F&B, manufacturing, retail and fashion, we can help you make suitable commercial decisions.


Want to talk more about this? Get in touch and let’s explore your needs and how we can help you.

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