Here are some comments from our clients

“By setting milestones in a simple plan I have seen my focus and efficiency increase. This translates into me being able to grow my business faster”. Lauren, Barcelona

“Our fortnightly sessions ensure that we are focused on business growth and efficiency. We have gone from having cash flow issues to building a stronger pipeline of work with a wider client base. This has significantly reduced our stress, allowing us to focus on building a sustainable business with quality delivery” David, Hong Kong

“What can I say? My first session made a fundamental difference to my life and had me treading the right road immediately. It’s needed lots of support but I have traction now on my business aims and I can see them happening. From cash flow to logistics to brainstorming ideas – I’ve got what I needed” – Sara, Hong Kong

“I was spending too much and not saving at all. After the first session I had someone to hold me accountability and a very simple plan to identify my behaviours. This was implemented in very little time and after a month I was clearly making steps in the right direction for the first time in years.”. Heather, Hong Kong

“First of all I was helped with my accounting; finally I was able to see how my business was doing at the click of a button! As our sessions went on we have covered everything from use of resources to business development. Definitely an awesome use of my time!” Meg, Hong Kong

“From dealing with banking nightmares to general business questions and inwards investment, I’ve always been able to get simple practical advice when I need it” Alex, Melbourne