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Using MailChimp to manage your sales funnel

Save valuable time by having sales leads followed up on a semi-automated basis. The follow ups, the reminders, the request for feedback and for referral… the  reminder for a repeat session/sale.. Below we explain how we do it using a set of predetermined “lists” using MailChimp (though it will work with other providers too). This technique is good for lower volume businesses where you are getting swamped with the number of emails (and so losing leads by not following up!) but not at such a volume that you need to invest in an off the shelf automation package.

To make this all a bit clearer we have included a flow chart to show how a sales lead can move through the system.  

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First contact List. Use a contact form on the website and social channels to pull in enquiries. This could be for a specific offer or general enquiries. When an enquiry comes in (dependent on volume), contact them with an individual email based on a template but tailored to make it current and “alive”.
If you get into a proposal situation with them move to another list, ie your “Main List”.

Second Contact List. At the end of the week/month copy the First contact list into this list. This will be the people who haven’t got back to you; people you need to follow up on. Use MailChimp to send that follow up. Maybe it’s as simple as “your free session expires in 30 days”, an additional offer to encourage a reply or maybe it’s a fuller detail of your original service/product proposal. Either way, you are reminding and giving a call to action. As before, when you get into a proposal situation with them move to another list, ie your “Main List”.

Third/Fourth Contact etc List. Some people may have more follow ups. It all depends on the product and how much you want to push it. Three is four is what we see with clients. After that move the clients to the “Main List” and hope that something will come from the routine communications you send out.

Month Win List. When you sign a client, make a sale etc, duplicate/copy them to a list for that month ie “Wins May 2017”. You can use that in the future to target them for follow up, for example 3 months after a nutrition consultation to check in on results and further sessions.

Main List. This is where everyone ends up. Use it for product updates, offers, new staff and other such news.  

Note: Trello can be used throughout this and especially when in proposal to ensure you follow up with contacts. It’s great to automate this too with tools such as IFTTT and Trello Butler.

Sales funnel flow chart

Sales funnel flow chart


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